Davison Career & Technical Education

Learning Today, Earning Tomorrow.

Mr. Ames
Marketing Program

Ms. Woodruff
Business Management Administration Program

Mr. McCollum
Engineering Program

Mr. Michalik
Automotive Program

Mr. Scott
Digital Broadcasting & Television Program

Mr. Binkley
CTE Coordinator, Computer Science Program

Mrs. Tomczak
Davison Early College &
Career Placement Coordinator

Mrs. Heath
Health Science

School to Work

Teacher Cadet

This program encourages academically able (3.00+ GPA) students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career.  Selected students will work with experienced teachers at the elementary and middle school levels, as well as in special education classrooms, at least two-hours per day.  Students will assist/observe in classrooms, complete teaching  portfolios, and learn about career opportunities in education.  Application process is required.  Cadets will be members of the Future Educators Association.

Community-Based CTE Program

Specialized occupational training in career and technical areas may be obtained at local business and industrial locations.  Instruction will be provided at the worksite by experienced and skilled mentors for at least 10 hours per week.  These training positions are for a full school year and are unpaid.  Detailed training plans based on national skill standards will be developed by Davison Community Schools to assure a progressive, sequential, and comprehensive program.  Students will be expected to maintain time sheets, journals, and develop training portfolios.  Students with career goals that cannot be currently met by CTE courses offered at DHS or the Genesee Area Skill Center are eligible for this program.  Possible program examples include:  child care, floral design, meat processing, electronics, and fire fighting.

Co-Op * Requires Application

This program gives career and technical education students’ actual on-the-job experience for which they receive both credit and wages. The co-op student must also be enrolled in a CTE class which directly relates to his/her job assignment or have completed a related CTE class. Parent permission is required.

Timesheet for WBL, COOP and Teacher Cadet students

2015 CoOp Brochure

WBL INTERNSHIP * Requires Application

Prerequisite:  Recommendation of CTE Instructor, and Completion of at least year of a CTE program.

(1/2 credit, 11th & 12th grades)

This course will give students in the Career and Technical Education programs unpaid work experiences as trainees.  Assignments will be based on employer tasks but will include a semester presentation of workplace skills obtained. Students will be provided orientation and training and will be evaluated on development of work habits and skill enhancement. Parent permission is required.  Students must have transportation and excellent attendance.