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Health Science

Family and Consumer Sciences

Parenting and Child Development

This course focuses on responsibilities of parenthood, the process of prenatal development and birth, understanding infant care and development, supporting social and emotional development of childbirth and providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for learning.

The RealCare Baby Project is a very large component of this class. This project makes it possible for students to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Realcare Baby

During the simulation:

  • The RealCare Baby cries for care at all hours, day and night
  • The caregiver has to figure out what the Baby needs when it cries. This may include the following: feeding, burping, rocking, diapering
  • The caregiver wears unique wireless ID to ensure accountability for the care of the baby
  • RealCare Baby’s computer tracks its care and safe handling
  • A detailed data is downloaded after the simulation, including exact times of missed care & specific mishandling—Shaken Baby, head support failure, wrong positioning and rough handling


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Family Decision Making

This fast-paced course is open to juniors and seniors. The FDM course examines aspects of family relationships, which includes the various stages of life, love and commitment, marriage, family crises, and death and dying. The course will also help develop decision-making skills in budgeting, credit, insurance, car buying/leasing strategies, and home ownership. Students will examine real-life situations and challenges that families face on a daily basis. Class consists of individual and group projects/work, discussions, and guest speakers. Events such as the ELGA Reality Financial Fair and projects such as the Empathy Belly Project (optional with an alternative assignment available) are included in this class.



The Objective of the ELGA Reality Financial Fair is for the students to encounter all of the financial decisions that an adult would need to make on a daily basis. The students have researched a career of their interest, as well as the starting salary. These decisions will be in the following areas; Clothing, Charity Donations, Food, Furniture, Housing, Leisure, Lifestyles, Transportation, and TV/Internet/Phone/Cell Phone. In order to make these decisions Students visit different booths where there are professionals in these fields to talk to them as if they were an adult making the decision on their own.


“The Empay Belly” Pregnancy Simulator lets you know what it feels like to be pregnant! It is a multi-component, weighted “garment” that will – through medically accurate simulation – – enable men, women, teenage girls and boys to experience over 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy including:

  • Weight gain of 30 pounds (13.6 kg)
  • Fetal kicking and stroking movements
  • Shallow breathing and shortness of breath
  • Increased blood pressure, pulse and body temperature
  • Bladder pressure and frequency of urination
  • Low backaches; shift in center of gravity; waddling
  • Fatigue, irritability, and much, much more!

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Foods and Nutrition

This course is designed as a primary wellness unit. Diet analysis, exercise, sports nutrition, food science and

eating disorders will be studied as well as healthy food preparation,  basic cooking techniques, and what each major nutrient does for the body and one’s health. Weekly cooking labs are conducted so students are able to learn basic kitchen skills, terminology, and techniques. The labs include making items from scratch including main courses, desserts, and side dishes.


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